How to find a Good Conference

Educators rarely get an opportunity to step out of lecture rooms. And as much as they like to hangout with their scholars, there’s a need for them to collaborate. Learning how to find a good conference allows them to do just that, as well as have some grown-up fun!

For most tutors, conferences are an opportunity to gain inspirational growth and develop long-term friendships with their colleagues.
Furthermore, the conferences enable them to learn about the latest innovations in their areas of expertise.

How to Choose Between Local and National Conferences

Local and state conferences are cheaper to attend than national ones. What’s more, they offer the attendees a chance to gain new ideas, engage in lively discussions, and learn innovative teaching strategies.

One benefit of going to a state conference is getting an opportunity to interact with teachers from neighboring districts. They offer a chance for participants to compare notes. Often, an attendee will leave the conference with a list of ideas that have worked in other districts.
In other instances, you get to go home appreciative of the progress made in your district.

National Conference – The Experience of Attending One

National conferences are different from local and state conferences. They are bigger and tend to attract expert speakers and attendees from all over the country. Tutors attending these conferences also get access to more breakout sessions and presentations.

As a tutor attending a national education conference, you’re assured that you’ll leave there having interacted with tutors from all types of districts. Such an opportunity exposes you to the concerns and widespread issues plaguing the education sector.

From this exposure, you’ll get to hear first-hand from the experts on how to tackle them. In short, a national conference displays the depth and breadth of the entire sector.

Reasons to Attend Education Conferences

There are four reasons for attending an education conference: getting a chance to learn more, interacting with new people, refueling your motivation and teaching energy, and getting a chance to shine.

That aside, both state and national conferences provide great learning opportunities. However, selecting the right conference to attend will depend on the kind of financial support that your school or district can offer.

For example, attending a national conference isn’t a cheap affair. You have to plan for your travel, accommodation, meals, and conference fees. And this is not forgetting having to pay for a substitute year if the conference occurs during a school year.

While some schools are happy to budget for teacher conferences, not all can afford to pay for your attendance. Some can only reimburse a percentage of the expenses incurred. Therefore, if you want to attend an upcoming conference, ensure you plan ahead.

Submit your request for attendance as soon as you have identified the particular conference you would wish to attend. While at it, try to establish a solid rationale on why the school should accept your request to attend the conference.