Canada is the best place to attend business conferences for many reasons. A country is a place of diverse cultural people. Hence, the country experiences a diverse range of business strategies. Moreover, the people of Canada share a significant interest in productive business talks. However, getting an invitation is one of the biggest challenges while attending. Here are some of the conferences in Canada that come with invitation opportunities.

  • International Conference on Business Management and Social Innovation- 11th Feb, Toronto.
  • International Conference Management, Accounting, Banking, Economics and Business Research- 11th Feb, Toronto.
  • World Conference on e-Education, e-Business, and e-Commerce- 11th Feb, Toronto
  • International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering- 16th Feb, Toronto
  • International Conference on Finance, Bank & Economics- 17th Feb, Ottawa, Toronto
  • Conference on Institutional Development, Business Law and Social Science Research- 20th Feb, Ottawa

How can I attend a conference in Canada?

If you want to attend a conference in Canada, you must fulfill some formalities. You will require authorization to come to Canada. You may require an eTA or a visitor’s visa due to the rules. Besides that, you will require proper documentation about the conference. Also, you may require the invitation letter copy in case of emergency.

You must submit your research proposal or a copy to get the invitation. The authority will go through a peer-review process. After selection, you will get an invitation from the authority.

Most of the conferences in Canada are free usually attended. However, in particular scenarios, you might need to sponsor your trip. Therefore, based on the conference type, you will need to pay.

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