Student Conference 2022

The International Student Conference is based in Washington DC, USA. It is a nonprofit organization that aids academic and cultural student exchange programs. It aims to bring together students from the US, China, Japan, and Korea. The main goal of the international student conference is to create a healthy relationship among the students. Unlike other organizations where the staff plans, at ISC students set up the events annually and decide what should be the topic of discussion.

The three main events are:

· China-America Student Conference (ChASC), 2020

· Korea-America Student Conference (KASC), 2008

· Japan-America Student Conference (JASC), 1934

International Student Conference is a center where social gatherings take place on a large level for academic progress. ISC will schedule a conference in the year 2022 and due to the Covid19 precautions are mandatory. Students will wear masks and practice social distancing.

What do student learn about International Student Conference 2022

The International Student Conference is an event where students learn, exchange ideas, innovate and collaborate to support colleagues in their personal and career development. Creating barrier-free and strong relations across the borders. ISC ensures each student’s involvement in the conference and their active participation in the discussions.


The ISC acknowledges that the government, education institutes, and businesses are a small part of the same ecosystem and how each one is interrelated. And how each of these sectors in a country help improves the economy. This helps students in their professional life. Various choices of career opportunities.


Planned and implemented by university students from three diverse countries. Students have equal opportunities to display their ideas, thoughts, and perspectives. The students solely plan the conference. Moreover, students are free to share their points of view openly. The beauty of the ISC is that it creates true friendships that last for generations.


Delegations solve political issues. Coming together help students solve problems in their respective area of study. Each student’s perspective is heard, and the issues are solved creating a friendly environment. Intensive research on made on diverse topics and students solve issues that are hard to agree on the political level.


Japanese students held the first International Conference in Japan in 1934 invited the American students. The main topic of discussion was the removal of misconceptions about the two important nations. Japanese students were invited next year to the conference in the US. The conference aimed to promote mutual understanding, friendship, and trust between the two.

Fortunately, the conference was a success, and a lot was done by the university, ISC alumni, and the nonprofit foundations to support the cause and create a bond of trust between the USA and Japan. On a bigger note, the American Executive committee and JASC have been the root cause of why the conference took place. ISC thanks the two committees for the favors.

From that date in ISC, the culture, society, and politics are the point of discussion. The students sit under one roof, agree, or disagree but hear the other side of the story. JASC has proved to be a success and continued for seven decades and will continue to do so.